Autor: Jaka Strajnar


Revised & Expanded Edition

  • 16 compositions for two or more cajon players
  • Videos of all compositions
  • Language: English
  • 40 Pages

The Cajon World is a collection of sixteen compositions designed for two or more cajon players which are also recorded and available for watching online. These two-part pieces offer various performance combinations. Each part can be played by numerous players, and there is an open part in several compositions where players should play their solos (or fills) one after another. The open part can be therefore repeated more times. The pieces are sorted by difficulty; starting with an easy bass tone and slap combination. Then they are followed by hand-clapping, flams, the heel glissando effect, the combination with bass tone, open tone, slap and tip stroke, side stroke and stroke with fingernail. The compositions are written in different music styles: pop, rock, blues, soca, samba, jazz waltz, etc. In addition to making wonderful concert pieces, these compositions will also make a most useful teaching tool. Playing in a group is more fun and motivating!

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  • Notation, hand dominance, online videos
  • Playing techniques overview
  • Begin the Cajon
  • It’s Time for Cajon
  • Cajon Rocks
  • Let’s Groove
  • The Cajon World
  • Funky Cajon
  • Blues for Cajon
  • Move Boxes
  • Mission Possible
  • Cajon Carnival
  • Cajon also Waltzes
  • Cajonland
  • Drum ‘n’ Bass feat. Cajon
  • Blue Cajon a la Turk
  • Vilma’s Rhythm (on Cajon)
  • Cajon Brush One-Handed




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